+ How much does the Wildog K9 front bumper weigh?

+ Must I get suspension once I fit a Wildog Replacement bumper?

+ Is Color matching or powder coating the best option to choose for my Wildog bumper?

+ What is the Thickness of the Wildog steel products?

+ How is your products pre-treated – E-coating / Powder coating?

+ What is the lift on the Wildog strut spacers?

+ Are the Wildog bumpers Airbag compatible?

+ Will the bumper fitment influence my service plan?

+ Can I claim my bumper through the insurance?

+ Do your prices include courier cost?

+ Where are your sidesteps mounted on my vehicle?

+ Bumper cut or not?

+ Will there be a gap between my vehicle body and bumper?

+ What is the wattage of the bumper fog lights?

+ Does the bumper have jacking & recovery points?

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